What is the age range for campers?
Campers range in age from 4-13 years old.  Our CIT program is for children who are 14 and 15 years old.

Can my child begin camp on any Monday?

What is the minimum number of weeks a camper needs to be registered for?

Campers must be registered for a minimum of 2 weeks, however, they do not need to be consecutive.  You can schedule the multiple weeks around your summer schedule!

How recent must the physical exam be?
 Within 24 months of your child’s first day of camp

Can my child try horseback riding for one week?
 Yes, and you can add weeks if the program is a good match for your child.

Do you accommodate campers with food allergies?
Yes, we can accommodate most dietary needs, and our nurse can work with you on this. Our registered nurse is always on site.

Is your camp peanut and nut free?
 We strive for a peanut and nut free environment, and these products are not served in the camp-prepared food.

What are the pick-up and drop-off times for the buses?
 Generally, pick-ups are between 8:00 and 8:40 AM and drop-offs are from 4:20 to 5:00 PM.

Where is my child picked up?
 You can find our stops under the "Parent Resources" tab on the top of our website.

What should my child bring to camp each day?

One or two swimsuits, a towel, sunscreen, hat and a sweatshirt or jacket on cool or rainy days. The camp uniform, along with sneakers and socks, must be worn each day. Please do not bring any valuables or electronics to camp and remember to label all belongings.

What if I want to extend my child's enrollment once camp has begun?

You may add additional weeks as long as there is space available.

What if my child does not like the hot lunch?

Each day we serve a nutritious lunch. If your child doesn't like a certain meal there are options: a large daily salad bar, a sandwich station, yogurt and fresh fruit.

What happens on rainy days?
Camp operates every day regardless of the weather. We have large, weatherproof pavilions with ample space for both active and passive activities. Indoor programs such as woodworking, cooking, arts & crafts, newspaper, ceramics and music have their own weatherproof structures.

How will I know if my child is having a good day while at camp?
You can call us at anytime during the camp day. We will check in with your child's counselor and call you back with a detailed report.

Is it possible to visit my child during camp?

There are two visiting days (Parents' Days) scheduled each summer which allow parents and family an opportunity to observe campers as they participate in scheduled activities. For safety and security reasons, unscheduled visits are not permitted.

Is there always a nurse on site?
Yes. There is always a nurse on site during regular camp hours. The camp physician is available by telephone during camp hours. There will also be a nurse at our open house at which time you can meet and discuss any concerns you may have.

What if my child will be absent from camp?
Please call the camp office and we will do our best to notify the bus company. Keep in mind if your child is ill with a fever, they cannot return to camp until they are fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

How is your camp staff selected and screened?
Every staff member is hand-picked by our administrators through an application and personal interview process. In addition, all staff are required to submit to background checks which are processed by a certified security organization.

What is the latest time I can pick my child up from camp?
 For the safety and security of all campers the latest pick-up time is 3:30 pm.

Can I send treats in with my camper?
 Unfortunately no, due to the various food allergies of some campers and staff.

What if my camper needs an early pick-up from camp?
If you need to pick up your camper in lieu of taking the bus home please notify the camp in writing, in advance, by email, fax or backpack note. Please note the name(s) of the camper(s), date and time of pick up. For safety and security all early pick ups must be before 3:30 pm. When you arrive, please stop for the security guard at the bottom of the driveway. Please have your driver’s license available as the security guard will ask you for identification before calling the camp office to confirm that a pick up for the camper has been prearranged. We may ask for identification again as you sign out your camper, so please have your ID handy. To ensure the safety of your child, any camper leaving with someone other than a parent or guardian is required to bring a written note stating the time of dismissal, and the name and phone number of the person picking up the camper. The note should be signed by the parent/guardian and handed in no later than that morning. If you are picking your camper up due to an illness we will notify security of the pick up and you will follow the same procedure upon arrival to the camp as above.

Is the horseback riding program english or western style? Does it include instruction or is it just trail riding? Are there different levels? How often do they ride and for how long?
The riding program is western-style. Instruction takes place in the ring before campers go for trail rides. Campers have riding 4 days per week, and each lesson is approximately 45 minutes long. Riding lessons are scheduled so that campers will not miss swimming lessons.