Horseback Riding

by A.J. Stables


Our goal is to give your child a broad knowledge of horses and horseback riding. We aim to teach children that horses are fun and a responsibility. Group lessons are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. Your child will ride with the same age group that they are in at High Meadow.

Each week your child will participate in three riding lessons and one ground lesson. In riding lessons, your child will learn all aspects of of horseback riding including steering, posture, balance, and control. In ground lessons, your child will learn brushing and tacking, emergency dismounting, horse bathing, and even horse painting!

Safety is our first concern and we want to ensure that the children are have a fun learning experience while be safe. Trail riding lessons will also be offered to some students based on their age and progress.

We provide all the equipment necessary including helmets. You're welcome to have your child bring their own helmet at your expense.

Requirements: Pants & Close-toed shoes